Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome + Introduction!

Welcome to Business Starter Bootcamp!!!! This two week live e-course will help you to take the fundamentals you learned in New Coach Training and start putting them into practice to get your business rolling and growing!

Our objectives in this training will be... 
1. To master the 3 vital behaviors consistently
2. To choose your platform and learn how to share effectively on it
3. To form foundational healthy business habits for success
4. To grow your business from New Coach to Business Starter and be working toward Team Builder!
By now you should all have finished your New Coach Training (if not, make sure to do that asap) so that you understand the terms and phrases we will be going over in this training. Some things you should already understand from completing New Coach Training are...
1. How to log into your Coach Online Office (COO)
2. Your coach ID + how to find and make direct links to send to customers
3. What Success Club is and how to get it
4. The 3 Vital Behaviors
5. How to Handle Common Objections
6. How to begin Sharing Your Story
These are FOUNDATIONAL so you need to understand them! If you do not know all those things, it is important for you to do a quick refresher of New Coach Training here:
As a coach, especially on this team, there is no lack of resources. Not only do you have access to the training that Beachbody has provided (in your COO under News + Training) but you also have all the team trainings that have been used by our upline team and by us!
Remember though, even though these trainings are provided, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to learn and be your own advocate. If you don't know something, don't wait around for a training to be led or let your business slack because you don't know how to do something... go find the answer. While your upline and sponsoring coach should and will help you, your success is not dependent on them training you. It is dependent on YOU taking action! All the answers are out there, it just takes a quick FAQ search or google search most times. Don't wait for your upline to lead a new training or for someone to walk you through it. That will only hold you back. You deserve better! We all learn through doing in this business so don't be afraid to just dive in and figure it out as you go. My motto is, "Everything is figureoutable!"
For 5 days each week I want to you print out and complete the REVITALIZE tracker each day! (Look in the right sidebar for a link in the FILES category) That tracker helps you to spend time on activities that will help you achieve our goal in this training of getting to BUSINESS STARTER, the first rung on Beachbody's Leadership Ladder!
If you haven't already, print out the tracker and start today! When you finish checking everything off each day, take a picture of your tracker and post it in the group! (Ignore the highlighted parts in yellow)

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