Friday, January 1, 2016

LESSON 5 - Mastering Objections

Objections seem to be everyone's biggest fear as a new coach. But let me tell you a BIG secret... Objections are just a part of your job now. Think of objections like questions that are just not formed well.
It's your job to answer those questions and believe in people when they don't believe in themselves. I'm going to be posting some GOLD for your today!!!! This training on how to respond to objections is from my success partner Bonnie Engle, a Top 10 Coach in the entire company and one of the highest recruiters and success club point earners in ALL of Beachbody. So you know she knows what she's talking about! 
Okay... so you've been sharing your story, you've been reaching out to people who ask you questions about what you're doing, or who like and comment on your fitness posts and you've been re-connecting and inviting people to join your! GREAT! Now what happens when someone doesn't immediately respond with "YES I WANNA DO IT SIGN ME UP!" wink emoticon
Most people shy away from objections but that is a HUGE mistake. I can't tell you how many people hide behind objections when they *REALLY* want to move forward with you but they are just scared.
The NUMBER 1 THING is to remain confident, to share from your heart and your own experience, and to show them you believe in them. That's what people really need to believe in themselves, and this system. If you have had a good experience with these products and challenge groups and being part of a team, then you already have all the knowledge that you need to respond to objections!
Read through these images i'm putting in here below. Yes there are a lot. But they are GOLD. You might want to save them to a file on your computer so you can access them again at any time!

Your assignment today is to find an objection someone gave you recently and answer it using these scripts as inspiration. If you need help forming your response, ask in the team page so everyone can help each other.
*If you don't have an objection then that means you have not invited enough people this week wink emoticon 
-Go invite 10 more and come back when someone responds with an objection ;)

wink emoticon

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