Friday, January 1, 2016

LESSON 10 - Inviting From Start To Finish + Feel Felt Found

Okay now that we've covered some of the technical things, let's get back to really solidifying your skills sharing your story, talking to people, and signing up challengers. Because remember, our primary goal in this training is for you to lock in Business Starter for the month which means you need to qualify for at least Success Club 5. That means you need to find three new customers or coaches who will buy challenge packs.

I've got quite the gem for you today!!!! A guide to inviting from START to FINISH with lots of script and photo examples! This will take what we've talked about all through this training and merge it together in one big picture so you can see how it all flows!

Also... I want to share with you my favorite way of answering objections. It's a method that allows you to empathize and validate people's concerns while also giving you the opportunity to share from your own experience how YOU made it work and how they can to! It's called the...


I know you you feel...
I felt the same way...
But what I found was...

Check out these examples below of how to put this method into practice!!!!

Phew! That was a lot! Isn't it cool to see the whole picture? Isn't it crazy that this is what we GET TO DO as our JOB?! Just posting cool things on Faceook and talking to people! Hello DREAM JOB! Am I right or am I right? I mean, someone pays us for this?! How cool! If you ever start to get overwhelmed just remember, everyone starts as a new person. We all start in the same place and have to learn through practice! But remember, this is not HARD in the grand scheme of hard things in the world. In fact, this as far as jobs go, is pretty cush. I mean, most likely you're curled up in a cozy spot sipping on something yummy while you read this and this is WORK for you today!

Your assignment today is to see if you can put it all together for yourself. Your 3-5 topics. The photos and posts you want to share. Using some of those ideas to build interest in what you are doing. Sharing your own story. How to talk to people and give them info and then how to use the feel, felt, found with them when they have objections to work through! You got this!

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